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Walking up Snowdon

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Gore wants to walk up Snowdon sometime in May
I've mentioned it to some of you already and there are plenty of us interested

The 14th/15th or 21st/22nd woulld work. Any preferences?

Sounds like fun.

I've recently been diagnosed with a slipped disk, Sciatica etc..
I can't do any strenuous activity for 3 months I'm afraid at least, so Snowdon is right out of the question.
I'm going to be getting Chiropractic treatment for at least 6 months it seems. :(

Anyway, I suggest if people feel like coming down for a weekend of Roleplaying at my place around the same time (Say from Friday night to Sunday), I could run Stormbringer/Elric using Mongoose Runequest 2.
Maybe watch some movies as well.
You can just sleep at my place, but you'll need to bring a sleeping bag.
If you want to come let me know.

Hi again. I've been looking at my Calendar.
The weekend of the 27th of May (Friday evening) to the 29th (Sunday) would be best for me, as the 2 weekends previous to that I have things on.
However we can arrange a later date if people are busy.

Some of us are going to do Snowdon on the 21st anyway.
Camp overnight and drive back


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