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Gaming weekend 27th to 29th of May


Just a reminder of the details.
You can turn up Friday evening from 18:00 onwards.
You can get the address off Will or PM me.

Please bring your own sleeping gear such as sleeping bags etc.
Also please bring your own munchies, Alcohol etc.
I will have some here for general consumption, but I can't feed all of you all weekend.
There's plenty of shops etc near where I live. A Tesco just down the road.

I'll be running The Mongoose Runequest 2 Elric system.
Friday night is mostly character GEN and settling in. Maybe watch a movie or something.

From Saturday morning, Roleplaying starts and play through til whenever Saturday night/Sunday morning.
I also have the newest version of Talisman which is pretty good actualyl if people feel like playing that.

Finishing up Sunday morning and everyone head home Late morning-ish sometime (or whatever).

Any questions, just ask.


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