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Dorset Show 8th & 9th October


Last proper show of the year.
Hope a few people want to go.

Where is it held? That's what I need to know. Black Dog is sailing his curragh around Brittany at the moment. Anyway if I can make it I will require a pillaging expedition to his monastry wherein are stored my axe, shield, helm, jack & mail, cloak and a vast variety of mouldy footwear. (Hmm barefoot might be more hygienic). I normally put this in my rucksack, in which I have membership and gloves. I don't care how ragged they are I will want my trews and something non bare chesty for after I get slaughtered.
I will try and get contacts this morning. If I just visit socially, that suits too.
So where is it held?

I might like to come for a visit, maybe even stay the night if possible, since that's not far from me. I am still a Regia member but I haven't fought for years, so I doubt I'll be able to take part in fighting. I don't have any kit anyway.

But if we get my kit down south we can share the main bits and you can reave on alternate days. It only takes a couple of safety tests. Is it a full camp and battle show? The website sounds like a traders fair.


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